Should we really be hating on Wix?

From a design company’s perspective, we’d never want you to choose Wix over us. However, sometimes when companies and, more regularly, when individuals are starting out, it may be the best option.  We read through a bunch of articles for you about the differences, pros, and cons of Wix and WordPress (see our favorite articles below). What we found was not all that surprising and aligned pretty well with our pros and cons for the two. Here were the main pros and cons we found from others regarding Wix vs. WordPress.

  • PRO: Easy to use, especially for beginners.
  • PRO: System updates are made automatically.
  • PRO: There is a dedicated support team who you can contact directly (for most plans, if not all).
  • CON: Not fully customizable. i.e. no hard-coding.
  • CON: No hosting options – they host your site on their servers which can get pricey.
  • CON: eCommerce costs extra per month.
  • CON: No one is there to gently tell you that you may not be web design genius you thought you were.
  • PRO: Completely customizable to the T.
  • PRO: 1000s of themes/templates as well as plugins to choose from.
  • PRO: Inexpensive through GoDaddy or BlueHost.
  • CON: Outside of individual theme support centers, there is no “dedicated” support. Only WordPress forums.
  • CON: Some knowledge of CSS/HTML coding is suggested.
  • CON: To host, you will need a third party.


Here are our thoughts on best ways to use Wix orWordPress

Quick websites to display information



Landing Pages

 Online store (eCommerce)


Non-profit site

Professional sites for business


All of the “pros” of Wix, though, can be easily addressed with WordPress’s plugins which are add-ons that allow different functionalities. If you’d like to learn more about how to use WordPress plugin and what to look for when researching them, add your name to our WordPress Tutorial Interest list!

It’s important, though, to have more than one opinion when choosing the right platform. Check out these resources to read more about Wix (the self-service platform) vs. WordPress (the platform we use to develop websites). Happy reading!


Here is a price comparison of Wix and GoDaddy (our recommended host for WordPress) as of April 2017

We would recommend the middle option, just as Wix does. It comes out to $360 + tax for a 3 year subscription. (Also recommended.) The price you see is for 1 year.

Month-to-month: $16/month + domain costs

We would recommend the “Ultimate” package for eCommerce or any site with personal security concerns. Otherwise, the “Deluxe”.  Ultimate for 3 years (with 1 year of security + 1 year of Office 365 email) is $288, taxes included.

Month-to-month: $15/month + domain costs

At the end of the day, use what you feel comfortable with and remember that, should you choose to hire some help, it may not be as pricey as you thought. Use code: WIXWP17 when requesting a quote and we’ll give you 25% off website services.


Additional Resources

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