Where should you share your work on social media?

As an artist, it can often be word of mouth that takes you from hidden masterpieces in your mom’s basement to showing the world what you’re made of. But, what if you want to be proactive in gaining new clients or customers? Social media is booming in the modern age and allows anyone and everyone to share anything and everything! However, with great power comes the great task of choosing the best channels to share your work with the world. Don’t fret though; sharing can be effortless if you’re showing the right people to begin with (because they can then share with equal minded people and they’ll share with their friends and so on).

From time to time we prefer to share articles from other great resources like this one from Shutterstock: Social Media for Designers: The Best Channels to Share Your Work and Score New Clients

Give it a read and let us know which social channel you think is the best option for your work! And share your website/facebook page/insta below so we can share it in our upcoming weekly segment: Jazzy Spotlight Artists!


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